Why Use Shampoo Bars?

Why are shampoo bars so popular these days?

Shampoo bars seem to have blown up as an instant beauty and cosmetic trend recently, saturating the market, and are often featured in magazines and beauty blogs.

Today day we look at.....

What they are,

and What benefits they have,

What are Shampoo bars:

Shampoo bars are basically a soap version of shampoo, They are a solid stick or block used for cleaning the hair and scalp. They still have all the cleansing properties of a normal shampoo for the hair and scalp, but by being in this dehydrated state shampoo bars last much longer than a standard bottle of shampoo and have far more benefits, such as:

- Environmental:

You cannot talk about the benefits of shampoo bars without talking about the positive environmental impact the have. To start, by removing most of the water they have in them compared to normal shampoos (which can be as high as 80-90% water) the amount of fresh water needed to produce one shampoo bar drops significantly. With conserving fresh water being an almost global initiative, anything we can do to easily reduce the amount we use would be a benefit to both the environment and society as a whole.

- Less Volume to transport:

Everything that isn't grown in your own garden needs transporting. Be it on lorries, cargo-ships or planes, the movement of products is a key part of human history since before the silk road days. A shampoo bar, being concentrated version of a bottle shampoo, is a lot smaller than a single standard bottle of shampoo, and that doesn't take into account that a shampoo bar lasts for as long as multiple bottles of shampoo. So, by being physically smaller, it takes up less space on the lorries, cargo ships and planes than shampoo. By taking it less space one can transport more, or alongside other things which means less vehicles on the road, in the sea and in the air reducing the carbon footprint of the product again by a significant amount.

- Less plastic:

And now we come to the reason behind the birth of Mós eco store. The reduction of plastic by totally removing the need for the bottle means that for one shampoo bar you save one bottle. Even if the bottle were to be recycled, this still uses resources and energy to recycle. Less plastics in beauty products can only be a good thing and by using a shampoo bar you can save multiple plastic bottles a year without having to sacrifice a thing - an all round win win if you ask me.

- Cost:

One shampoo bar will last for numerous standard bottles of shampoo; the average cost of a salon shampoo would be around £10-20, meaning you could save yourself over £100 a year Ingredients: Because of their obvious benefits to the environment, they are often created by forward thinking brands; this means that the ingredients used are usually better quality, less irritating for the scalp, and they usually have fewer ingredients than standard shampoos. An example would be palm oil, the use of which has huge environmental impacts. However, all shampoo bars are not created equal, so it is still a good habit to familiarise yourself with the ingredient listings on the back of cosmetic products - don't assume that just because it's a shampoo bar, the ingredients are good quality. All the ones sold here on Mós have been checked to insure they only stock brands that contain necessary and well sourced ingredients.

- Travel: Never worry that you have to leave your fave shampoo at home when you're flying or traveling. You can just pack these in your bags and away you go. 


Written by Charles Salisbury

Hairstylist at Salon Sloane, Chelsea

Instagram: @cwshair

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