Why Use Conditioner Bars?

Why do I need conditioner for my hair?

Today we’re going to be looking at conditioner bars, and whether they are worth the switch.

Conditioner bars are the sister to shampoo bars  and they basically work in the same way; by removing most of the water during production, you end up with an almost dehydrated block of solid conditioner. This works in the same way as normal bottles of conditioner.


 Do I need a conditioner?

Simply, yes. A shampoo is a detergent that will cleanse the dirt and grease away from the hair. It does this, in part, by opening the cuticle(the top layer of the hair-shaft). This means that the hair can get nice and clean, and create a nice base for whatever styling you choose. However, the hair - now clean - is also open, leaving it at risk of drying out or environmental damages. A conditioner smooths the hair cuticle, closing it off.


This means using a conditioner will:

 - Give you a better shine:

The shine on hair comes from the light reflecting off it. By having a smooth, even, flat surface the light can bounce back better and brighter giving you shinier and healthier looking hair.


- Stay cleaner for longer:

With a closed cuticle the hair is more protected from dirt; so, by using a conditioner, you could actually be lengthening the time between washes.


- Adds Moisture:

Conditioners add moisture to the hair, and even the finest of hair-types can usually benefit from that. In winter the hair dries out from the hair-dryer or heating being on and, in summer, the sun plays a role in drying out the hair. By conditioning the hair, youÕll be keeping the hair in better quality for longer.


- Keep your colour for longer:

If you colour your hair, using a conditioner is an absolute must. Your colour will stay fresher and more vibrant for much longer than it would just using a shampoo. Whatever colour you choose, investing and using in a conditioner will benefit you.


- Decrease fly aways:

One of the way in which hair conditioner works is that it has positive-charged surfactants which bond to the negatively charged hair, coating it, and therefore sealing it. By using a conditioner, you decrease the charge of the hair, reducing static when compared to unconditioned hair. So, if you find yourself with static hair and you don’t condition, this could be an easy solution to your problem.


By Charles Salisbury 

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