One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted

2020 was a year of challenges for everyone. The global pandemic changed how we workhow we interact with our friends and familyhow we do business, and, yes, how we plant trees. Despite having to change our strategic plans and adjust how we can best serve our partners and clients, One Tree Planted still managed to nearly triple the amount of trees we were able to get in the ground! Our supporters donated over $15,587,577 (double 2019), enough to plant 10,004,595 trees this year, the rest to be planted during the 2021 planting seasons.



Alongside Rainforest Alliance, One Tree Planted has expanded projects in Honduras and Indonesia, leveraging each organization's skills and audience to grow our impact and reach.


Partnering with the Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda was one of One Tree Planted's bigger successes in 2020. Together, we are going to plant and restore 3,000,000 trees and help protect chimpanzee habitat.


Their partnership with WRI continues to grow. With the roll-out of TerraMatch and the TerraFund, One Tree Planted and WRI are finding more and innovative ways to restore our Earth.

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