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  • 'Crown of daisies' from the 'Pressed Flower Collection', plastic free, zero waste, sustainable, Mos eco store, Portugal, Europe,
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'Crown of daisies' from the 'Pressed Flower Collection'

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€20,00 EUR

About this print:

"Almost every day I pick wildflowers and press them in my flower press. I love flowers and I love the process of preserving them and using them creatively. But sometimes, when pressing them, the petals fall off, or the flowers fall apart. My collection of 'broken' flowers started to grow so I decided to use them to create new, somewhat mutant looking flowers, adding illustrations to further mutate them. I like the idea of taking inspiration from the plants that do exist, to imagine and create new plants that do not"

About the artist:

"I'm an illustrator, born in Wales and currently living in the Algarve. I've been freelancing for the past 5 years, working hard to turn my dream of living a sustainable & creative life into reality. Daily walks encourage a constant flow of ideas; the flowers, trees, ocean, buildings, tiles, doors, people - I find it all beautiful and it's what informs the work I create. I'm incredibly inspired by my life here in Portugal and I think that it shows in the work I create!"

Why we love it:

We both love Rosie's mix of pressed wild flowers and illustrations. L has personally been excited to get her hands on these prints to frame in her home. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for more details.   

Why we sell prints:
We believe it's just as important to support local artists as it is to support local farms and other local and small business. We personally love paintings and illustrations, and we believe they are an essential part of a home as well.

Print details:

      • Printed on recycled paper
      • Size: A4
      • 300gsm
      • FSC Certified
      • Artist: Rhosanna Lowe