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Croll & Deneke

Bamboo soap board

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€14,95 EUR
Normale prijs
€14,95 EUR

Store your Shampoo Bars on this soap shelf made from sustainable bamboo.

With the bamboo soap board you can make optimal use of the Shampoo Bars, Body Bars and Conditioner Bars. It has multiple openings so that the bar can drain. This makes the bars dry faster and therefore last longer.Did you know some species of bamboo grow more than a meter a day? This characteristic makes this species a great alternative to wood because it prevents drastic deforestation.

This bamboo soap shelf is:

✓ Made from sustainable bamboo
✓ Suitable for 3 bars
✓ Makes your bars last longer

Due to its versatility, after the harvest, all parts of the plant are used to manufacture new products.

Not recommended for bathrooms with poor ventilation.


Length: 22 cm

Width: 8 cm