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Lagos Rooftop Print

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€20,00 EUR
Normale prijs
€20,00 EUR

About this print:

This Illustration was inspired by many evenings spent sitting on a rooftop terrace in Lagos, surrounded by flowers and good friends. It's one of my favourite summer spots here in Lagos, and brings back some very sweet memories. It was hand drawn using photos I'd taken as reference. And then using Photoshop I applied the colour, bringing the illustration to life. 

About the artist:

"I'm an illustrator, born in Wales and currently living in the Algarve. I've been freelancing for the past 5 years, working hard to turn my dream of living a sustainable & creative life into reality. Daily walks encourage a constant flow of ideas; the flowers, trees, ocean, buildings, tiles, doors, people - I find it all beautiful and it's what informs the work I create. I'm incredibly inspired by my life here in Portugal and I think that it shows in the work I create!"

Why we love it:

We both love the playfulness of Rosie's illustrations of the town we both live and work in. Portugal has such stunning architecture and it reminds us to look up every once and while.  

Why we sell prints:
We believe it's just as important to support local artists as it is to support local farms and other local and small business. We personally love paintings and illustrations, and we believe they are an essential part of a home as well.

Print details:

      • Printed on recycled paper
      • Size: A4
      • 300gsm
      • FSC Certified
      • Artist: Rhosanna Lowe