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Tony's Chocolonely

White Raspberry Popping Sugar 180g

Normale prijs
€4,50 EUR
Normale prijs
€4,50 EUR

Back on popular demand! White chocolate with fruity pieces of raspberry and a royal scoop of popping sugar. Back from being gone and here to stay...have all their brains popped at Tony's?!

Belgian fairtrade white chocolate with freezedried raspberry and popping sugar. At least 28% cocoa solids. Produced in Belgium with cocoa butter from the Ivory Coast.

This bar is suitable for vegetarians but unsuitable for vegans.


sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, 2.70% raspberry, 2.00% popping candy (glucose syrup, sugar, carbon dioxide), emulsifier (soya lecithin)
May contain traces of Gluten, Eggs, Peanuts and Tree nuts.