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Sarah Hardie

Outback Print

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Sarah Hardie is a local surfer and brilliant artist that we lóve. She is an avid surfer, a surf instructor and creates the most beautiful birds eye view watercolour paintings of local beaches that are made into prints for us all to enjoy at home. If you're ever in Lagos, you can also find her murals in the Surf Experience surfhouse and in Sunray's Kitchen.

About this print:

"Surfers gathered out the back in an ocean of deep blues and greens, with clean lines of waves rolling in over the sand bank"

About the artist:

"I moved to this sunny corner of the Algarve in 2015. Initially a short term plan to explore and surf this beautiful coastline, I ended up finding it impossible to leave and have started to call this charming place my home. 

The ocean is my happy place, and a lot of my artwork revolves around this; including my aerial watercolours of the Portuguese shorelines. I love this perspective on the vibrant and ever-changing places where the land meets the sea!"

Favourite plastic swap:

"It’s insane that cosmetic brands often use micro-plastics in their body scrub products. I abandoned these a long time ago and instead mix my used coffee grounds with sea salt and coconut oil It smells amazing and works like a charm!"

Why we love it:

Sarah's art work captures the stunning beauty of some some of the most beautiful local beaches. If you've ever visited the Algarve, you will instantly recognize the beaches and be transported back to your amazing (surf) holiday in the sun.

Why we sell prints:

We believe it's just as important to support local artists as it is to support local farms and other local and small business. We personally love paintings and illustrations, and we believe they are an essential part of a home as well.

Print details:

  • Printed on recycled paper
  • Size: A4
  • 189gsm archival matte photo paper
  • Each print has a crisp white boarder. 
  • Artist: Sarah Hardi
  • Hand signed


- As with any artwork UV protected glass will increase longevity of the print especially if it's being framed in a sunlit space. 

- Colours may vary slightly due to different screen displays and ICC profiles. 

- All artwork is copyrighted, this print is for personal use only.