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Pebble Cork Travel Box

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Inspired by the sea, the Pebble carrying box is shaped like a pebble to remind us to preserve nature and keep the oceans free of plastic. The cork used in this beautiful box was grown in Southern Portugal’s cork forests. No cork oak is cut down during the cork extraction process, which happens every nine years.

We recommend using the Pebble box only when you need to carry the shampoo bar.

At home, place the shampoo in a dry area and in the air to make the shampoo last longer.

The Pebble box is for you if you like:

 An easy, practical and safe way to transport your shampoo bar

Natural, ecological and renewable products

Plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging

Keep your shampoo bar impeccable between washes



Innovate without waste

The Pebble carrying box makes it possible to enhance the value of cork and avoid waste from the cork industry. If we used a single piece of virgin cork from the cork oak and cut only for this purpose, there would be pieces left over that could not be used. This would be waste of raw material.

Pebble is made from pieces of cork left over from making other products, which are packed together and shaped into a sublime form.