About us


Mós Eco Store was created in 2020 by L&E: An Irish 29 year old (L) & a Dutch 28 year old (E), living in the South of Portugal by the sea. We both share a love for animals (L has two dogs & E has two cats), nature, and anything plastic free and eco-friendly.

Our plastic free & eco journey began  after we’d both moved to Portugal where we lived by the sea and where it suddenly became so much more noticeable how badly plastic doesn’t have a place in nature.

We started using plastic free and packaging free products ourselves, forever weighing the pro’s and con’s: If I buy something plastic free but it arrives with plastic packaging materials, was that then worth it? Or if it’s plastic free but it has to come from Australia, is that still better for nature than if I recycle the plastic packaging?

We’re not gonna lie, that was exhausting. We just wanted it to be easy to make good choices, and Mós Eco Store was born. A platform that filters out plastic products, that focuses on local and European products and that ships your goodies 100% plastic free. It’s easy, every choice here is a good choice.

Why Mós?

Our shop is named after our favourite local beach, Porto do Mós. It means ‘The port of the millstone’, a name that stems from a time when locally produced millstones were loaded onto boats in the port for distribution. It’s what they did then, it’s what we do now.

Have a look around our shop & make a good choice easily!